AirGap IT

Software Supply Chain Management


Getting the right software inside an enterprise (across the gap) while supporting, updating, and evolving with that software has proven extremely difficult with current approaches.  Doing this while also continuously reviewing for security and performance exacerbates the challenge: the amount of complexity (contracting, workflow, security) hasn’t kept pace with how rapidly modern software changes

AirGap solves this problem.

We are in "stealth-mode". If interested in the idea or service please email and we will let you when we launch (in Q3 2013).

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Strive for continuous delivery.


AirGap IT starts with the people: developers, operators, communities and organizations in the business of producing and consuming software.


Processes, especially ones built on foundations of best practices - that are also flexible and agile - are the cornerstone for all AirGap IT solutions.


The right technology enables process and people. A level of abstraction, however is required, to prevent technical debt - and that includes the toolset.

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We're are growing out our organization and infrastructure. If you're interested in joining our team please send a resume to

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